Stacey White designs and conducts technical studies of industry-wide policies in the fields of disaster risk management, forced migration, and protection. She also produces a variety of strategic analyses across a range of humanitarian subject matters. Studies and analyses are carried out through intensive research, field-based observation, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and workshops.

To give a better sense of the kinds of services Stacey provides to clients, below are descriptions of three recent projects:

  1. Stacey has supported the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in its development of concrete ideas about how to promote the role of regional organizations in disaster risk management. The study complied and fine-tuned a range of views collected through the WHS multi-year global consultation process and developed practical recommendations for localizing humanitarian preparedness and response.
  2. Leading an internal organizational study for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Stacey outlined the agency’s engagement with national human rights institutions (NHRIs) for the purposes of IDP protection. The stocktaking exercise required a careful analysis of the legal and political environments for the protection of IDPs across six case study countries and interviews with over 40 protection staff.
  3. For some two years, Stacey has assisted the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) in collaboration with the Asia Foundation to develop frameworks and standards for China’s foreign disaster assistance program. The work has involved compiling best donor practices around the division of government roles and responsibilities, around monitoring and evaluation, and around post-disaster needs assessment.

Producing some of the most thorough and accessible studies in the industry, Stacey has an in-depth understanding of international frameworks, standards, and mechanisms for humanitarian action, as well as an extensive global network of humanitarian and development contacts. Stacey is in regular touch with representatives from donor governments, regional organizations, UN agencies, and NGOs. She also routinely communicates with representatives of countries affected by conflict and natural disasters through officials from their ministries of foreign affairs and national disaster management organizations (NDMOs).

In addition to her analytical work, Stacey frequently conducts trainings, facilitates workshops, and participates in panel sessions in cities across the globe.

Key Products and Services

  • Industry-wide studies
  • Policy analyses
  • Organizational strategic development
  • Manuals of humanitarian tools and services
  • Compendiums of best practice
  • Design and facilitation of focus group discussions
  • Design and facilitation of trainings and workshops
Working with Stacey on several Brookings research projects was a terrific experience. She works quickly, writes beautifully, and always meets deadlines. She also works independently and handles herself well on the ground. I knew that when Stacey took off for Fiji or DRC, she would somehow manage to talk with the right people and come back with many interesting insights which would be reflected in her written work.
— Elizabeth Ferris, Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy Brookings Institution